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Autumn 2024


 Postponed till Autumn 

International conference

Join the top speakers  for two days in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is renowned as a land of myth, legend and earth mysteries. Even the Queen dedicated a cross to the Abbey saying “…marks a Christian sanctuary, so ancient that only legend can record its origin.” So, we are hosting this first of many ‘Legend Conference’ to rejoice the diverse importance of honouring and celebrating myth and legend. Also, to celebrate the new tourism app ‘OURTOR’.

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The Speakers


Maria Wheatley


Maria is a second-generation dowser who was taught by European Master Dowers, her late father and Chinese geomants. Maria is the UK’s leading authority on earth energies and ley lines that were skilfully incorporated into megalithic sites. Maria runs tours to sacred sites worldwide to experience Gaia’s numerous energies.


Maria is an accomplished author of many books on sacred sites, dowsing, past life astrology. She discovered the Neolithic longheaded long-lost civilisation of the British Isles that had a mythical appearance and memories of them were woven into legends of the Fey. Maria has recently discovered that certain geodetic energies correspond to musical harmonics – the Music of the Earth that flows into sacred sites…


She has studied Neolithic Britain and Bronze Age prehistory at Bath and Oxford University and works closely with Gaia’s healing energies that can help the body to heal itself. Maria is also a Druid who follows the Celtic Path and she has also written many diploma courses and runs that offers certificated courses on holistic subjects. Maria teaches advance dowsing techniques which are not taught anywhere else in the world.

Secrets of Stonehenge and the two longheaded cultures.

Secrets of Stonehenge and the two longheaded cultures

Maria’s websites.

Maria’s Email


John is a practising astrologer, teacher, author and international speaker, with 30 years professional experience in the field. He established the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury in 2010, and runs a 2-year professional training through the school. John is a pioneer of experiential, embodied approaches to astrology, including astrodrama and astrological pilgrimage. He has worked worked closely with the Glastonbury Zodiac for many years, and regularly leads sacred journeys into Somerset's landscape star temple. He holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University, and is the author of the best-selling book, Your Zodiac Soul.

The Dragon at the Centre of the Zodiac

There is a lot of talk about adding a 13th sign to the traditional 12-sign zodiac wheel, in the form of the serpent-bearer Ophiuchus, a huge constellation whose midriff is on the equator and whose head is among the circumpolar stars. The fact that his foot encroaches on the ecliptic, according to modern constellation boundaries has been used by modern astronomers and sceptics to try and discredit astrology. For astrologers this is a red herring, and we see it too flippantly touted around the internet by those who don’t understand its context. Yet the wounded healer / serpentine symbolism associated with the figure of Asclepius (Ophiuchus’ mythological counterpart) is compelling and seems to point to a deeper mystery that actually lies at the very centre of the Zodiac. There we find Draco, a serpentine dragon coiled around the ecliptic pole. In this talk John will explore the mystical significance of the constellation of Draco, unravelling its religious and mythological symbolism. He will demonstrate the unique relationship that Draco has to the twelve astrological signs, distinguishing it perhaps as the true “13th sign”. And he will show how this serpentine dragon holds profound keys to the healing of our wounded zodiac soul.

john wadsworth.jpg

Jamie Arthur Pickup

Amateur historian, researcher, geometer and author

Jamie Arthur Pickup is an amateur historian, researcher, geometer and author from Liverpool, England. He has an unrivalled drive and passion for his work and for the last 4 years he has been on a journey of self discovery by exploring every corner of the British Isles in the hopes of rediscovering hidden and ‘lost knowledge’. His work is veritable, proven, and he has had great success decoding the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Jamie’s current experience includes presentations with Lodge Rosslyn St Clair in Edinburgh where he presented ‘Mona Lisa: The Creators Code, which is soon to be followed by his presentation titled ‘Squaring the Circle: Leonardo da Vinci and John Michell, at Rudolf Steiner House in London with the organisation John Michell founded in 1969, RILKO (Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation). Jamie recently released his first book, Roslin: Music for the Ears and is set to release a series of books throughout 2024.

Leonardo da Vinci: The Creators Code in Nature


Leonardo, like many of the great Avalonian’s such as Dion Fortune, Bligh Bond, Katherine Maltwood, Wellesley Tudor Pole and Alice Buckton, understood that this very moment in time was one of ultimate significance for humanity as a whole, the Age of Aquarius. The work of Leonardo da Vinci has long been under the microscope of many people hoping to find hidden meanings and implanted codes, Jamie is one of the few people who has truly found what has been encoded, proven beyond doubt in his research over the last four years, he will deliver a presentation that is equally mind blowing and sobering to the heart. Please join us at the Legend Conference for a uniquely intriguing talk from Jamie where you will discover the truth about Leonardo, the Mona Lisa, Last Supper, St John the Baptist, Vitruvian Man, and the Salvator Mundi. Jamie will explore how the ‘creators code’ can be understood through geometry and mathematics, and how you yourself can use this valuable knowledge to discover a whole new element of patterns in your own life path.


Peter Knight & Sue Wallace

Stone Seekers

Pete and Sue founded and facilitate Stone Seeker Tours and Publishing. They are environmentalists, and lead shamanic and mindfulness tours and workshops across Southern England and Wales. Between them they have published 13 books about sacred landscape, megalithic sites, ley lines, and ancient wisdom. Peter’s book, Through their books and tours Peter and Sue help people to dowse the earth energies, meditate at megalithic sites and in caves, as well as feel the awesome power of the acoustic properties of Neolithic chambers and caves using sacred shamanic drumming. Through their work, they explain what was in the hearts and minds of the people who built the ancient sites and how they were symbiotically connected to the landscape both physically and spiritually. Their belief is that by better understanding ancient wisdom, we can reconnect with our landscapes and Planet Earth in a more fulfilling way. They will also be available for book-signing at the end.

For more info on their books and tours:

Prehistoric Shamanism in the Southwest

Sue and Pete return to the Legend Conference to give an inspiring powerpoint presentation about how our distant ancestors connected spiritually with the landscapes and sacred sites of Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. From the Ice Age to the Neolithic, from caves to stone circles, much evidence has been found to support the fact that shamanism existed in this region in prehistory. And, using this information, and what Sue and Pete were gifted at sacred sites, they suggest how we can connect with the ancestors and the spirit of place today. Talk includes stunning images, videos, and ends with live drumming and ancestral chants.

peter and sue.JPG

Adam Stout


Dr Adam Stout is a po-faced, strait-laced historian. He has been studying the myths of Glastonbury for rather a long time now and is consequently more than a bit deranged. You can find some of his work online here here here His latest and pleasantly well-acclaimed book, Glastonbury Holy Thorn: Story of a Legend, has just been republished in paperback

Kings Road to Glastonbury: sprinkling Sixties Stardust on the Far Out West

It's 1967, the Summer of Love is underway and the big city's parks are full of blissed-out hippies revelling in love and LSD. A bunch of Kings Road fashionistas take to the roads in horse-drawn caravans and sally forth to find the Holy Grail and take part in the dawning of the age of Aquarius. They came to Glastonbury to watch the saucers flying around the Tor, and the town rapidly became New Age Central. This is the story of four crazy years that culminated in the start of the greatest show on earth, well, in Pilton anyway.


Sandi Adams

Social justice

Sandi trained as a set designer in London and worked for many years in Theatre TV, film and corporate live events.
Having a passion for social justice Sandi found designing corporate live events for, Glaxo Smith Kline, Google, Microsoft, and other large corporations a challenge.
Aware that rampant hyper globalization was the aim of most of these large corporations, she took a step back, reduced her workload to spend time looking at what is really going on in our world, moving from London to Glastonbury in 2009 and giving up the corporate world.
Since then, her interest in United Nations Agenda 21/2030, The Great Reset (World Economic Forum) has grown, and for the last 15 years she has been heading up talks on the subject, to raise awareness of the coming top-down global governance, technocratic agenda.
Sandi has worked with UK Column and had interviews with James Delingpole and Neil Oliver among others.
Sandi is currently writing a book about UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and has recently worked on a documentary about Agenda 2030 with Mark Sharman and Oracle Films, due to be released in the spring.
The events of the last 3 years been a personal revelation, that we are in a human and spiritual battle with our destiny as human beings on this planet, how we will survive it and survive the pernicious march towards transhumanism and AI, the theft of our souls.
Sandi is a researcher, speaker, presenter, mother, and grandmother.

The Struggle To Remain Human


With the onslaught of 5th Generation Technology (5G), biometrics , facial recognition and data surveillance , we are we are entering the digital world where according to the World Economic Forum , man will merge with machine in the Internet of Bodies ( IOB) But what genuine human needs will this serve?


Do we really need to live in a ‘Smart’ grid. Will our health, and that of other living creatures be compromised by exposure to to electromagnetic radiation? Right now we face an unprecedented challenge. The moral and spiritual question of the human soul.

This challenge can only be met through the preservation essential human values and the sacredness of man’s relationship with nature. We need to work towards a truly human future.



Yuri Leitch

Authur and Artist

YURI LEITCH  was a good friend (and 'old' friend) of Bahli Mans-Morris and often talked to Bahli about one day illustrating her 'Ladies'.  Yuri has been interested in Celtic and Arthurian traditions all his adult life.   He is a professional artist and author, and he lives in Glastonbury.  In 2007 he published, Gwyn, Ancient God of Glastonbury and Key to the Glastonbury Zodiac.  In 2009 he and Bahli called the Maltwood Moot together and he was the Editor of Signs & Secrets.   He illustrated the Sacred Sites Oracle Cards for Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, and in recent years he has been studying Tree-Lore and the Ogham (Celtic Tree Alphabet)


A look at the curious history of the Grail intrigues of 'The Avalonians' of Glastonbury. The publication of the 'High History of the Holy Grail' and its significance to the Somerset landscape – the 'Moors Adventurous'; Dion Fortune's 'Church of the Holy Grail', Katharine Maltwood's 'Round Table of the Stars': and the establishment of King Arthur's Halls of Chivalry in Tintagel, Cornwall. The esoteric attempt to restore the Arthurian Mysteries between the First World War and the Second World War.


Jon Cousins


Four times Mayor of Glastonbury, Jon Cousins is a published author, film maker, and composer. His respected works on the history of the town are known as the ‘Glastonbury Documents’ – which includes the influential ‘Remember Richard Whiting’. An executive producer of the new documentary film, ‘Avalon of the Heart’ [2023, Flying Tiger/GTC], Jon has appeared in several programmes and documentaries about Glastonbury over the years – and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the myths, legends, and characters that populate both the town’s past and present. A seasoned community activist and organiser, Jon works as the project lead for a National Lottery ‘Big Local’ scheme in Somerset, and is also a member of the Glastonbury Town Deal Board; involved in developing the Town Deal’s Investment Plan, securing £23.6 million for major capital projects in the town.


Sovereignty, Liberty, and the Avalonian Free State!

Glastonbury has ‘since time immemorial’ been regarded as a special place. Legend tells us that King Arviragus gifted ‘The Twelve Hides of Glastonbury’ to Joseph of Arimathea, when the biblical saint arrived here in AD37. Defining the ancient boundaries of Avalon, the Twelve Hides were traditionally regarded as independent of state and monarchy, and not subject to the taxation of the realm. This special privilege – the ‘liberior’ – was granted by the Saxon Kings Centwine, Ine, Edmund, and Edgar – and ‘The Abbot's Liberty’ was reaffirmed by later Kings, Henry I, Edward I, and Edward III. Justice in the Twelve Hides was under the jurisdiction of the Abbot, and “neither the king himself nor any royal justiciar, sheriff, forester, nor bailiff was to hear pleas there”. A true Avalonian Free State! Yet there can be no doubt that with the dissolution of the Abbey in 1539 its ancient sanctity was cruelly violated, and Glastonbury’s independent status was unjustly removed by Henry VIII. Set against the background of Glastonbury’s year-long celebration throughout 2022, reaching its peak with the BBC’s Worldwide broadcast of the first Platinum Jubilee Beacon, lit by ‘the Sovereign Flame of Avalon’, on Glastonbury Tor! In this talk, Jon will explore Glastonbury’s special status; reflecting on Glastonbury’s sovereignty, liberty, and unique association and relationship with the Royal Family of this sceptred isle.

jon cousins.jpg









Welcome & Introduction - Tor Webster & Gabriel Moon


Maria Wheatley - Secrets of Stonehenge and the two longheaded cultures.




 Peter Knight and Sue Wallace - Prehistoric Shamanism in the Southwest


Jon Cousins - Sovereignty, Liberty, and the Avalonian Free State!




Evening Entertainments - Band.




Jamie Arthur Pickup - Leonardo da Vinci: The Creators Code in Nature


Adam Stout - Kings Road to Glastonbury: sprinkling Sixties Stardust on the Far Out West




Yuri Leitch - Glastonbury and the Arthurian Revival of the 20th Century



ass rms.jpg
ass rms.jpg

The Venue

Assembly Rooms,

High St, Glastonbury, UK

This Community Arts Centre has a rich history that has included productions by the great British composer Rutland Boughton and being home to the first Glastonbury Rural Arts Festival which featured such luminaries as George Bernard Shaw, Alice Buxton, Thomas Hardy and T.E. Lawrence.

Home to Ynys Witrin Annual Bardic Contest, Megalithomania, The Goddess Conference and other events. The Assembly Rooms are an ideal place for your gigs, plays, dances, drumming classes, bazaars, talks, bands, wedding receptions and more.

The Venue

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